Take Down Hazardous Trees Safely

Take Down Hazardous Trees Safely

Trust us for tree removal services in New Bedford & Fall River, MA and the South Coast

While trees add beauty and shade to your land, there are some cases where removing them is a necessity. Damaged or poorly maintained trees can pose a risk to your property. When you need to get rid of a tree in New Bedford & Fall River, MA, choose Platinum Tree Removal Service.

Before taking down a tree, we'll let you know if there's any way to save it. Count on us to take away all of the debris once we're finished. If you have overgrown land, you can also rely on us for lot clearing services.

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Worried a tree is about to fall?

If a tree on your property looks like it could collapse, reach out to us for emergency tree removal services. We can:

  • Cut overhanging limbs
  • Remove diseased trees
  • Get rid of brush

To learn more about our emergency tree removal process, call 508-665-9120 today.