Need to Remove a Large Tree?

Need to Remove a Large Tree?

Turn to us for crane services in New Bedford, MA and the South Coast

When getting rid of large trees in your yard, the process needs to be handled with caution. Work with a team that's properly equipped to complete more demanding projects.

Count on Platinum Tree Removal Service for crane services in New Bedford, MA. You can trust us to avoid dropping branches recklessly onto your property. We'll take care of your tree removal project with high attention to industry safety standards.

Contact us now to arrange for crane services.

When should you reach out to us?

If a tree is posing a safety issue on your property, you can count on us for 24-hour crane services. You should get in touch with us if:

  • A tree has fallen on your property
  • You notice large, loose branches
  • Limbs are growing near roofs or power lines

We'll haul away all of the materials. Call us now at 508-665-9120 for 24-hour crane services.